Racing Genk – Chelsea preview

By | November 1, 2011

Two weeks ago, Genk went to Stamford Bridge and were thrashed. Tonight’s game, therefore, would seem to be a foregone conclusion. However, events since then could put a slightly different complexion on things. Chelsea have lost their last two league games, one of them being a 5-3 defeat at home to Arsenal. As for Genk, they went to Club Brugge and won 5-4.

No one would seriously compare the Jupiler League and the Premier League of course, but it does make things interesting. John Terry could fall over, Kevin De Bruyne could score three, and even Fernando Torres could find the net. Let’s face it, anything could happen!

Genk are still missing three first choice defenders and it could be four if Ngongca Anele doesn’t recover from illness. Anthony Vanden Borre is expected to start at right back; it’s probably his best position and he’ll need to be on song if he meets up with Juan Mata. Ex-Charleroi midfielder Fabien Camus could start in midfield alongside Daniel Tozser. The Hungarian was stamped on by Club Brugge’s Bjorn Vleminckx on Saturday and was not impressed. Genk fought back in that game and Tozser wants the same mentality to be on display tonight. In attack, Jelle Vossen is a certainty, alongside either Kennedy Nwanganga or Elyaniv Barda. There’s also a doubt about Thomas Buffel.

A draw tonight would be great result for Genk but it’s probably too late for them to even think about third place in the group.

Expected Genk team: Köteles; Vanden Borre, Hyland, Nadson, Anele (or Durwael); Buffel, Camus, Tozser, De Bruyne; Vossen, Kennedy (or Barda).

3 thoughts on “Racing Genk – Chelsea preview

  1. Jones

    Have always been convinced of Vandenborre's potential as right back. No coincidence that he's attaining the level he always should on the that position in the last two games or so.

    In was however only a forced choice for Been to play him as right back, with Anele being first choice and not even moving Anele centre back when they were completely out of options there like on their visit to Stamford Bridge.

    Vandenborre started his career at Anderlecht with promising displays on the right but soon expressed his wish to play in midfield. He can too, cause the boy has tremendous talent. But he makes more difference as right back, and it's important that he focuses on that position in order to make the career his potential deserves.

    Compare it with Kompany: also felt like he could play centre midfield. Also a guy full of talent, but he also makes a greater difference centre back.

    Vandenborre's greatest display ever was against Spain in a qualification game for the World Cup in South Africa. He's very powerful, technically superb and reaches the backline very easy. His only weak point is that his style leaves a lot of space in his back, but it's up to the coach to find a collective solution for that.

    If he can concentrate on this position, Belgium has a world class right back. His mentality, much the focus of Belgian press, is a non-issue really.

  2. John Chapman

    @Jones, good points but his career has not matched he initial expectations. About five years ago I interviewed both Kompany and Franky Vercauteren when I worked for; I remember Vercauteren (who had both in his squad at Anderlecht) saying there was a big difference in the temperament of the two. I believe that this has been a major factor, skill is not everything. Kompany also had a much more stable family backgound.

  3. Jones

    Admittedly, Vandenborre does not have the same charisma and leadership skills that Kompany now displays impressively at City. But let's not forget that Kompany as well has also been under scrutiny (mainly by the Belgian press, but he was also publicly reprimanded by Advocaat when coach of the Red Devils.

    Still, Vandenborre won't be able to turn into what Kompany is now. He will always have a bit of nonchalance on and off the field but we can only hope it doesn't hinder his career. He's 24 and already played for Genoa, Fiorentina and Portsmouth. Now is the time to move on for him and become indispensable at Genk.

    Well, my point was actually only that I believe the rightback position is the one he should focus on. Curious if Been will keep him there.

    Very nice blog btw. Prefer reading your posts over belgian sports newspapers.


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