Much ado about nothing

By | February 1, 2011

There was very little good football on view last weekend in the Jupiler League, even from the clubs that took three points. It’s to be expected in the smaller leagues now that football is business with a capital B. Talented Belgians, and there are many, want to play abroad and talented foreigners don’t often want to play in Belgium – money talks loudly in both cases. That leaves most clubs with squads that have a few gifted individuals and a majority of run-of-the-mill players. It’s a sad but it’s an inescapable fact.

As the eight matches only produced 13 goals, this was not a spectacular weekend. Club Brugge took three points off Germinal Beerschot and coach Adrie Koster said the best moment of the match was the final whistle. Racing Genk defeated Kortrijk 1-0 but it was one of their worst performances of the season. Anderlecht struggled against a well-organised KV Mechelen, with the result being a 0-0 draw. The rest of the games are best forgotten, save for a fighting victory for Eupen at Lokeren.


  1. Anderlecht: p 24, points 54.
  2. Genk: 23-50.
  3. Ghent: 23-43.
  4. Club Brugge: 24-42.
  5. Standard: 23-36.
  6. Cercle Brugge: 22-35.

 13. Germinal Beerschot: 22-19. 14. Eupen: 23-19. 15. Lierse: 23-16. 16: Charleroi: 23-8.

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