An open letter to Roy Hodgson

By | October 9, 2013

Dear Roy,

I understand you have been watching Adnan Januzaj since July. That’s understandable since he can play a bit. However, at 18 years of age, Adnan is knocking on a bit. No Roy, I suggest if you want to uncover the real gems of the future England team then you need to be looking at last season’s Belgium U17s’. talent. A year ago, no less a pundit than ex-Stoke City boss Jan Boskamp called them the country’s most exciting generation.

You could pick up Manchester United’s Andreas Pereira and Manchester City’s Mathias Bossaerts for the price of a train ride to Piccadilly Station. Pereira could be tricky as he’s Belgian-born of a Brazilian father and he played for several years with PSV. But hey, he’s been on United’s books for a couple of years and he’s very useful.But the brightest star is said to be Charly Musonda Jr., the Belgo-Zambian wonder-boy. You could jump in a taxi and see him as he’s over at Chelsea after the club gave contracts to the whole family, including his mother who’s a capable defender. Charly Jr. is certainly the next big thing.

Looking further ahead, stay at that club for the Hazards. You’re too late for Eden (22) of course but Thorgan (20) could be an option, although I believe he only spent a long weekend in London before heading for Waregem. The third brother Kylian (18) is not really cutting the mustard at White Star Brussels but Ethan (9) is apparently the real deal. He could be ready for the Qatar World Cup, especially if it’s moved to the winter.

Let me know if I can help further.

Best regards


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  1. Juegos100

    FC Barcelona – Manchester City 2-1 12 March 2014

    Is Lescot a fottballer? Everytime he got the ball, I got scared and he is not willing to receive the ball. Even if he does receive, he got confused what to do. Very poor Lescot.


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