Suarez gets cold feet on way to Moscow

By | February 12, 2013
Matias Suarez celebrates the title with Tom De Sutter and friends

Matias Suarez celebrates the title with Tom De Sutter and friends

Anderlecht’s Matias Suarez is not the first man to be concerned about heading for Moscow in the dead of winter. Reports in today’s Le Soir say the Agrentine striker, not the most confident of people, is worried about joining CSKA – where a fee has been agreed – because of the cold weather and the language barrier.

These two factors could have been forseen before he agreed to join the Moscow club but he’s always seemed to be someone easily buffeted by the winds of fortune. Suarez has failed two medical tests since he ‘signed’for CSKA and is due to take another one soon.

The 2011 Golden Boot has not played football since May 2012 and had a knee operation back in Argentina last summer. Suarez was rumoured to be joining clubs such as Bayern Munich but back in June I argued that he might eventually decide that Brussels might be the place to be.

In August, I wrote about the various people impacting his decision – in particular a host of agents and his songstress wife Magali.

The latest stories have him staying at Anderlecht. That would please his wife, it would give him a chance – in theory – to play in next season’s Champions League and improve the chances of the Suarez family eventually making it to a warmer climate. Anderlecht will not be too happy about losing out on the cash – now said to be about €8 million for the Brussels club – especially as he has to prove his fitness before he plays football anywhere.

It’s a remarkable story given that Suarez arrived in Europe in 2008 and has only performed at the highest level – for Anderlecht – for six golden months at the back end of 2011.

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