Chelsea looking beyond Eden

By | July 17, 2012

La Dernière Heure today reported that Eden Hazard’s 19 year-old brother Thorgan is about to join him at Chelsea. Has the world gone mad? I could just about understand why Chelsea took Lamisha (20) and Tika (18) Musonda when they wanted to sign 15 year-old Charly Junior; to be honest, their father was probably insisting that it was a package deal or nothing. But Eden Hazard is a married man with a child. I would think he hardly needs his kid brother to join him so he can settle down in the cosmopolitan metropolis that is London.

Eden Hazard - waiting for ThorganDon’t get me wrong. Thorgan Hazard, Lamisha and Tika Musonda are not bad footballers, but they are works-in-progress. To-date, there is absolutely nothing about them that says they are special, apart from their surnames. All three are midfielders, all three have represented Belgium at youth levels and all three have no experience of first division football in any country. All three are Belgian and maybe that – plus the family connections – is enough.

What’s next? Chelsea to sign Kylian Hazard (16) from the Lille academy and put down a deposit on Ethan Hazard, just 7, who is having a run with the juniors at Belgian second division club Tubize. Or perhaps, Chelsea should go back to Anderlecht and grab Jordan Lukaku so that older brother Romelu has someone to compete with at Football Manager.

Enough is enough. Eden Hazard is world class and Charly Musonda Junior is one of the most highly-rated young players in Europe. However, at the present rate of progress, Chelsea will have a squad of about 50 players, many of which will be teenagers who are simply marking time and making money.

8 thoughts on “Chelsea looking beyond Eden

  1. Jim

    You have forget to think about 2 things
    1. More than eden needing his kid brother it is most likely the other way around wherein thorgan wants to join his big bro in london.
    2.Look into it from Thorgan’s perspective he is moving to a better club with better training facilities with sufficient compensation.I dont get why you think his development will be stunted by moving. You can say that there is no first team chelsea players from academy, but that does not mean the players in the academy or the academy in itself is poor. He has greater opportunities to become a better player at chelsea.

  2. Belgofoot Post author

    I don’t think i forgot anything. I didn’t say Thorgan’s development would be stunted and I can appreciate why he might like to leave a second division French club to move to Chelsea. What I don’t understand – if the stories are true – is why Chelsea would want him. He’s done little to show he’s special at Lens. Good deal for Lens though is Chelsea come up with a million or two.

  3. paj

    I’m suspecting that if Chelsea is going after the Barca model like Uncle Roman wants it,we’d have to invest in the best youth to play together over a long time..what if this turns iut to be a stroke of genius by Chelsea?

  4. Dave

    Hi, could you please recommend me some central defenders from Europe over 26 years old which have cheaper salaries?

    If it is possible I want to know your opinion about Boumsong, Sivok and Van Damme. Thank you

  5. GBlendeles

    Ermm actually signing Julian would not be a bad Ideas seen as a bunch of my football mad Belgian mates reckon he is regarded as even better than Eden was when Eden was 16 and already better than Thorgan

    1. Belgofoot Post author

      Hi, I guess you mean Kylian (is Julian the English translation?) who is just 17 and is at Lille, but nowhere near the first team. I believe Belgian pundit Stéphane Pauwels said Kylian was the best of the three brothers (Eden, Thorgan, Kylian) but I think we can take that with a pinch of salt. Who knows? And he’ll be under great pressure.


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